A harmonious blend of internal and external
Martial Arts

“Sol Phoenix Martial Arts is about exploring the limits of self and removing the obstacles that hold the creativity of the individual back; unearthing the power-source of energy that often remains latent within men and women.”


"courage is your armour"

Liber AL III:46

Convenient Location 

Sol Phoenix is located in the heart of Magill, less than 10kms from the Adelaide CBD, with onsite parking and nearby bus stops.

Respected Instructor

Giuseppe Zappia has 20 years experience in training all ages and skill levels in many of the popular Martial Art styles.

Organic Structure      

Every session brings new techniques, philosophies and understanding of the system.  Classes are designed for ages 12 and over with private lessons available.

Reasonable Rates

At $15 per class, you'll find our rates are very reasonable with no lock-in contracts and a one-off membership fee allowing for flexibility of training.

Friendly and Personal

We are a family business that runs the academy from Buddha House in Magill offering a beautiful, personal space unlike regular fitness or Martial Art clubs.

Get in Touch        

Get in touch with us to talk about your fitness and wellbeing goals or just come down and join in a session.


Our Focus

At Sol Phoenix Martial Arts we appreciate, recognize and respect all Martial Art styles.  From the ancient to the modern, the purely artistic to the practical and whilst we acknowledge that there is an environment that caters for all Combative Arts, our focus is primarialy on self defence and real life situations. Sol Phoenix is for the modern person who seeks a greater understanding and expression of self, a healthy body, a clearer mind, and nourishment for the spirit.

Our System

We promote the practices of both the hard and the soft, external and internal, styles and forms including: Tai Chi, Qigong, Kung Fu, Thai Boxing, Weaponry, Cardio & Conditioning and the Eight Limbs of Yoga.
We strive to unite the Yin and the Yang within ourselves, so as to achieve the totality of harmony, beauty, and balance. This is done through the pursuit of discipline, philosophy, art, yoga, study and martial combat.

Our Style

Our Style seeks to make open the path way between Soul, Mind, and Fist. In the past fighting styles were coupled with peaceful religious practices and spiritual beliefs.
Sol Phoenix incorporates certain philosophies both ancient and modern along with spiritual teachings - primarily of Thelema - into its curriculum. We hold true to the original spirit of Martial Arts offering a unique grading system based upon the progress of the individual and the rhythms of nature.